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"And then Kathy St. George steps on stage. St. George plays a character role, Jeanette, a showbiz veteran who appears at the auditions to serve as the crew’s accompanist. She’s got some zingers and a great song at the top of Act II — “Jeanette’s Showbiz Number” — where she sizes up the talent and compares it to her hilarious career. St. terrific, providing an electric current that brings everyone else’s energy up a notch."

The Boston Globe - 10/2/23


" Jeanette, a big-hearted, straight-shooting firecracker of a piano player and show biz pro (played by Broadway and Boston show-biz pro Kathy St. George), shows up to help cast the show and run rehearsals. Diminutive in size but huge in talent, St. George lights up the theater. "

The Theatre Mirror - 9/30/23


"St. George gives a performance as "Jeanette" that is so good that, if done as an homage, the late, great Kathleen Freeman would certainly be smiling down upon the actress. "



"“The Divine Sister” was presented by Boston’s SpeakEasy Stage Company in 2011, featuring Kathy St. George as a skulking, sinister German nun on a secret mission. St. George has donned the wimple again for “Sister Act,” and at one point, sunglasses, too. What a treat it is to watch her swiping scenes left and right."

The Boston Globe - 4/10/23


"...the evening’s comic highlight, “No Time at All”, wonderfully delivered by local musical comedy treasure Kathy St. George as Berthe. "

The Theatre Mirror 8/8/2022


"Kathy St. George as spicy and fun loving Berthe is a particular highlight, especially during the number, No Time at All. Berthe offers Pippin and the audience valuable life lessons and an occasional sing-along through humor, joy, and wit. Kenny Lee as Pippin and Kathy St. George have some endearing chemistry and Berthe’s vibrant dance moves and her occasional engagement with the audience make her a difficult act to follow."

The Sleepless Critic - 8/17/22


"His (Joel Douglas) pas de deux with St. George combines his comic and terpsichorean skills, while giving crowd-favorite Ms. St. G. a thrill ride. With or without the dance break, she brought the house down while doling out advice we could all use right about now."

Broadway World - 8/8/22


"Veteran Boston/national favorite Kathy St. George, is a scene stealer, portraying Czech mother-grandmother Baruska. She sings, plays the melodica, piano, squeezebox, tambourine, and rhythmically pounds out percussion beats. Did I say she also does nifty Irish and spirited Czechoslovakian folk dances with the ensemble?"

The Theatre Mirror, 3/1/19


"The spirited Czech mother/grandmother is played by the inimitable Kathy St. George, the queen of all comic supporting roles."

On Boston Stages 3/4/19


"Anything but recessive, however, is Kathy St. George, who is flat-out hilarious as the trumpet-playing stripper Mazeppa, a role St. George plays while tricked out in a Roman gladiator outfit, complete with a red-plumed helmet."

The Boston Globe, 9/4/17


"a local veteran musical comedy star in top form: the pint-sized Kathy St. George as Mazeppa, a gladiator in fishnets bugle-blowing her way through a strip tease with all the finesse of a Mack truck in heat. Priceless. "

Joyce's Choices/Joyce Kulhawik 9/19/17


"Maybe the best part of the production was the Burlesque House number, “You Gotta Have a Gimmick"... Actress Kathy St. George, playing Mazeppa, hit every beat on the nose and had the audience roaring."

The Raider Times, 9/4/17


"Kathy St. George just about steals the show as the resident practitioner of “gladiator ballet,” looking like she just burst out of the pages of a smutty mirror-universe version of “The Iliad.”"

The ARTery, 9/5/17


"As good as the leads are, they run the risk – as many have before them – of having the show stolen from underneath them by Kathy St. George, adding yet another in a passel of unforgettable comic turns as the trumpet-playing stripper Mazeppa, decked out in a Roman gladiator outfit."

OnBoston Stages, 9/11/17


"Kathy St. George was born to play Mame. This role is such a natural fit; it’s as if Mame were written for her. She delivers a gorgeous performance."

New England Theatre Geek, 12/5/16


"Although diminutive in size, she is a force of nature on the stage and shares the feisty, welcoming spirit of her character. She is a lot of fun to watch, but she also captures the poignant aspects of such songs as "If He Walked Into My Life" and "My Best Girl""

BroadwayWorld, 12/1/16


"From the moment St. George stepped on the stage as Mame Dennis in “It’s Today”, she engaged the audience and kept them captivated by her charismatic performance for the rest of the show. Not only does St. George deliver passionate vocals, but incredibly sharp comedic timing and dancing that fully embodied her character. "

OnStage Blog, 11/28/16


"The Stoneham Theatre is giving everyone an early Christmas present this year — Kathy St. George as “Mame.”"

Somerville Wicked Local, 12/1/16


"Kathy St. George can always be counted on for capturing the humor, but she also nails the pathos in her multiple roles as a fellow bus passenger, hotel hooker, and an old lady, and she rocks the red robe when she is called to duty as one of the gospel choir singers."

Talkin' Broadway, January 2016


"Also strong assets are the always-welcome Kathy St. George, equally indelible as an elderly bus passenger and a hotel hooker; "

The Boston Globe, 1/14/16


"There’s a feisty old lady played by the frisky funny tiny Kathy St. George with a big voice, and outsized talent. St. George dazzles as an old lady and a cheap trollop. "

Joyce's Choices, Jan 16, 2016


"Kathy St. George portrays an Old Lady as well as a Hotel Hooker. Her characters are so finely drawn and so compelling that she almost steals the show. She is that good. Her comic timing and versatility reminded me of the luminous Andrea Martin."

White Rhino Report, 1/20/16

Light Up The Sky

""The members of his [Edmiston] cast, most of them Lyric Stage veterans, are gloriously good, in particular Kathy St. George, who plays the brassy, leggy spouse of the hard-boiled producer…""

The Wall Street Journal, 5/29/15

Closer Than Ever

"St. George for one, never ceases to amaze, turning the shy “Miss Byrd” into a hilarious tale of secret love affairs, and “Back on Base” into a sexy story of why she’s gaga for the bass player (an affable John Styklunas), including an utterly joyous bit of scat singing worth the price of admission. “You Wanna Be My Friend?,” the always incomparable St. George blows a fuse when her wimpy boyfriend (Foley) backs out of their relationship. "

The Boston Globe, 9/10/14

Closer Than Ever

"The biggest reason to catch Closer Than Ever, though, is Kathy St. George, a petite dynamo who packs so much energy, knowingness, and expert comic timing into her performance that it lifts the show up several notches. She does a great “had it up to here” rant in “You Wanna Be My Friend?,” a woman’s incredulous response to the clueless man who tells her how wonderful she is and then dumps her. And in the hilarious showstopper “Miss Byrd,” she sizzles as a quiet office worker spilling the secrets of her hot sex life."

The Arts Fuse, 9/17/14

Thoroughly Modern Millie

"Kathy St. George -- any production's secret weapon, since no one can sell a song the way she does -- here plays Muzzy Van Hossmere, a onetime chorus girl who married well and continues to tour the world as a beloved chanteuse. Whenever St. George takes the stage, it's impossible to look anywhere else."

The Boston Globe, 4/22/13


"Local favorite Kathy St. George lights up the stage in one of her best comic performances as both Calliope and Aphrodite. "

The Metro, 5/22/12

End Of The Rainbow

"Saving the most tornadic for last, Kathy St. George achieves the feat of disappearing utterly into her cultural icon. Her looks, her age, her voice, even her height mirror Garland's circa 1968. St. George embodies the singer's erratic range, from solid and sober renditions of hits…to a manic performance fueled by Ritalin. St. George flawlessly inhabits the headspace of a person under the influence of God knows what. At other times she sounds like James Cagney, spitting out the nasty epithets and harsh demands of a tin-pot dictator at the end of her reign. All the while, she never loses her ability to make us laugh, and this is vital to the success of End of the Rainbow."

Miami New Times, Jan 23, 2014

9 to 5 - North Shore Music Theatre

"Another great turn is delivered by Kathy St. George as Roz, the stiff little martinet that scurries around the office like a hermit crab, spying on 'the girls' and reporting back to the boss she adores with an unrequited passion. St. George absolutely aces the number where Roz cuts loose with a great big voice and hilarious choreography in 'Heart to Hart.' The audiences gives her a screaming ovation at the end of this remarkable performance.", 9/26/12

9 to 5

"Kathy St. George is Roz Keith, who doubles as Hart's assistant and a spy on her co-workers. You are dead and buried if you're not howling with laughter as St. George exhibits her unrequited love for Hart in the torch song number 'Heart to Hart.'"

On Boston Stages, 9/28/12

9 to 5

"Roz is excellently played by Kathy St. George. Her belting voice is superb and her dance stops the show. She is the biggest scene stealer in this show."

Theater Mirror, 9/27/12

9 to 5

"St. George steals the show as Roz, Hart's personal secretary, who has a thing for her boss. While the song 'Heart to Hart' is entirely forgettable, St. George's performance is absolutely inspired."

The Boston Globe, 9/28/12

Dear Miss Garland

"Weaving heart-stopping renditions of many of the singer's hits with spot-on recreations of her onstage patter, as well as St. George's own reminiscences of her longtime absorption in Garland's life and work, the show truly becomes what it's billed as: a theatrical concert. The focus remains exactly where it should: on St. George, on her marvelous singing voice, and on the songs and singer she renders with great emotional and technical depth. ...she's magnificent...St. George's richly textured evocation of Garland's style is pure pleasure. "

The Boston Globe, 9/11/09

Dear Miss Garland

"Audiences won't be disappointed by St. George's likeness to Garland. Her vocal impression is right on the mark, and her build - petite and slender, topping out at 4 feet 11 inches - seems uncannily similar at times. "

North Shore Sunday, 6/14/09

And Now Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Judy Garland

"The diminutive St. George has mastered the signature gestures, tics, and stances, not to mention a vibrato that could rock a washing machine. When she stands legs apart, knees locked, bodice shimmering, and head thrown could squint and think you were watching Garland."

The Boston Phoenix

Dear Miss Garland

"The 4-foot-11-inch St. George bears more than a passing resemblance to Garland, both in physical appearance and in vocal quality. It's no wonder the talented musical theater actress has made a cottage industry as a sort of Garland impersonator. St. George has a blast in the role and takes the audience along for her ride. She captures not only Garland's vocal timbre, but her iconic stage gestures and storytelling style."

Boston Herald, 6/9/09

Dear Miss Garland

"Hooray for Hollywood! Kathy St. George is doing Judy Garland again. Yes, she sounds like Garland and she sure looks like Garland when she tilts her head back or curls inward before she expands her arms and voice in triumph--but St. George captures the emotion. St. George has the pipes and the savvy to make 'The Man That Got Away' break your heart in two. That's what unites her and Garland, that ability to make you feel every lyric, as if 'Over The Rainbow' had been written just for you."

Boston Arts Review, 6/2/12

Dear Miss Garland

"There was no tornado in Stoneham last Saturday - just a small bundle of dynamite that ignited Stoneham Theatre's stage for almost two hours. "

The Theater Mirror, 7/12

Steel Magnolias

"Led by the extraordinary Kathy St. George as M'Lynn... St. George delivers the play's tearjerker speech with such simplicity, Harling should send her a thank you note for finding the fear, disappointment, and loneliness he didn't know how to put into words."

The Boston Globe, 9/19/11

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

"Have you seen a bubbly performer named Kathy St. George who lights up a stage better than your utility company? "

The Boston Globe, 12/30/10

The Divine Sister

" A divine comic performance. St. George easily shifts from the Teutonic Sister Walburga to the rolling r's of the cleaning woman's Scottish brogue."

Broadway World, 10/26/11

Blithe Spirit

"Kathy St. George is amazing in Blithe...a first rate performance...the diminutive local fave not only creates her own dizzying psychic, but she single-handedly infuses this production with enough energy and humor to make it work."

The Metro, 6/6/10

Blithe Spirit

"Here we are served impish Kathy St. George as an unusual Arcati. Intense with conviction and giddy with delight at the otherworldly mess she's made, she adorable."

The Boston Phoenix, 5/14/10

And Now Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Judy Garland

"When she makes her entrance to the strains of 'Over The Rainbow' it is as if she is the real thing and the crowd goes wild. I don't think I'd believe it if I hadn't witnessed it, but the audience reacts as if they're convinced that it IS Judy, not Kathy onstage. "

Broadway World, 6/15/07

Dear Miss Garland

"It takes guts and a LOT of talent to upstage a legend. Kathy St. George has both. "

The Theater Mirror, 6/09

Definitely Doris: The Music of Doris Day

"Kathy St. George is a dynamo with an irresistible presence."

The Boston Globe

Respect: A Musical Journey

"Four is the Stuart Street Playhouse's lucky number and Ms. St. George is one of its lucky charms. The evening belongs to Ms. St. George, who has been cannily cast for her Presence as well as her voice: those who admire this pixy charmer will be stunned at the mature confident hostess now appearing at the Playhouse."

The Theater Mirror, 10/06